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Snowy Penticton Day

January 20, 2012

The winter of 2011-2012 in Penticton has not had a lot of snow.  But we did get a couple pretty snowy weeks.  Here’s one:

Winter arrives in Penticton

November 17, 2011

The beautiful autumn days couldn’t last forever … Old Man Winter finally wrapped his cloak of white over Penticton!

scruffy end of winter days

March 4, 2011

These are definitely NOT the kind of pictures you’d expect to find on a tourism site!  But this isn’t a tourism site, of course.  Penticton is definitely a lovely place, and there is beauty to be found in many spots.  But the reality is that no matter how beautiful a place might be, there is something scruffy about end-of-winter-days.

The skies are scruffy, as worn out winter clouds try to hang on just a little longer, attempting to block out those impertinent warming spring rays of sunshine that threaten to disintegrate them altogether.  Poor snowmen have lost their lovely rounded pure white figures and are slumping into grayish blob-shapes, their eyes and noses and mouths drooping and then slipping into the muddy ground at their feet.  Jagged heaps of tired snow at the edges of parking lots range from pale speckled grays of the most recent ploughings, to filthy blackness from ploughings long days since.

Cars line up dejectedly in dull drive-throughs, their drivers longing for a cup of java to give them the jolt they need to wake up on this grey melting morning.  An abandoned grocery cart sits still and lonely in a back alley, its wheels tangled in scraggly weeds poking up through a ragged crack in the pavement.  Construction sites sit quiet and dejected; inside work continues, but outside they look as though some futuristic cataclysm has left them abandoned and hopeless.  Summer vacation travel homes sit lonely and imprisoned behind fences, their windows like empty lifeless eyes reflecting the dull end-of-winter-light from cloud filtered skies.   Long neglected playground equipment rusts slowly in backyards, surrounded by overgrown grasses and weeds that failed to receive a proper autumn cleanup.  The dead pale brown of tumbleweed seems to meld into the dull dusty blues of mountains still clinging to tired old snow, and pale colorless skies.  Even the cars in the adjoining parking lot, thinly coated with winter dust, meld into the general scruffiness of this late winter day.

And yet, in all of this there is a kind of quiet beauty, and a sense of hope.  Because winter is nearly over, and spring must surely be right around the corner.  Cause to celebrate – and to enjoy even scruffy end-of-winter days!

sunny winter day

February 22, 2011

Two-thirds of the way through the winter season, and Penticton landscapes live up to the season’s reputation.  Overhead, skies are full of the fluffy white clouds that have formed from evaporation from the blue, ice-edged lakes below.  Here and there, clear patches of pale winter blue allow the hazy winter sun to slip through, casting long blue-gray shadows of bare tree branches onto fresh white snow.

Tracks of busy human activity criss-cross lawns and sidewalks, and on the streets, slush, shallow puddles, and wet patches of pavement remind us that while Penticton does get “winter weather,”  it is generally short-lived and not much more than a pleasant short diversion from the hot days of summer and the comfortable days of autumn and spring.

It will not be long before the low-angled winter sun gives ways to the warmer rays of spring, the clouds begin to dissipate, snow disappears, and the south Okanagan once again lives up to its sunny summer paradise reputation.

snowy sunny days

February 6, 2011

snowy early winter morning

January 11, 2011

gonna be a white Christmas!

December 22, 2010