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Spring or a Long April Fool’s Day?

Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day happened to land on the same date this year–and I’m thinking that momentous event totally messed up Spring! How else could it be that here in Penticton in the sunny South Okanagan, four days later, the weather forecast reads “rain showers or wet flurries.” Come on! It’s April! Easter has come and gone! This isn’t Alberta, after all ūüôā Check it out:


Well, at least the ice has melted off the oxbows … and the turtles have come out of hibernation and are hopefully trying to catch a few rays….

The urban deer are looking chipper, too — and I see they’re mighty pleased to be able to nibble at the fresh green tulips … and have even left a few buds behind to let us humans enjoy the flowers when they finally get around to blooming!

A few brave souls figure that if they get outside and pretend it’s Spring, the weatherman might take the hint and send some truly Spring-like weather along.

Oh! Check it out! Lots of flowers! It must be spring after all! Or is it?


But wait! Maybe spring is springing after all! Looks like Mother Nature isn’t going to let Mr. April Fool get away with his tricks altogether …

Yes! Spring has sprung!



April flowers in Penticton

April 13, 2012

It must be true that March showers Рand April ones too, oh dear Рbring April flowers!

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Penticton Views From Munson Mountain

March 24, 2012

March 23 seemed like spring had truly arrived … the next day, March 24, not quite so much.¬† The sun was trying half-heartedly to peek through a high-overcast sky, and Old Man Winter kept puffing out swirls of chilly breeze.¬† Still, at least it wasn’t raining, hailing, sleeting¬†(like a lot of March before and after), so we went up to Munson Mountain, where the famous “Penticton” sign overlooks Okanagan¬†Lake.¬† The view from the lookout is pretty spectacular, even on a greyish day, as these shots demonstrate.¬† Afterwards, we went for a walk on Skaha¬†Lake beach.¬† Although few folks were out, those that were had spring¬†in their hearts!¬† Yummm…. marshmallow roast!

Spring has sprung – finally!

March 23, 2012

The old saying tells us that “March comes in like a lion and goes out with a lamb.”¬† Well…¬† This spring in Penticton, it’s pretty much been like a lion all month.¬† However, we’ve had a couple beautiful very-early-spring-like days – and joyfully for the kids, one of them was during spring break.¬† In fact, it was such an amazingly beautiful day, that it seemed like everyone in the city was out enjoying it.

Springing into summer

April 30, 2011

It seems to have been a really late spring this year.¬† In fact, we’ve really only been having truly spring-like weather off and on for a couple of weeks – and suddenly it seems like summer itself is right around the corner.¬† Today was a lovely sunny day in the high ‘teens C – and the prediction for tomorrow brings us above 20 C.

But it’s not only the climate that makes it seem like Penticton is quickly springing into summer.¬† Take a look at these snapshots to see what I mean.

Watercolor Reflections

April 26, 2011

It’s one of those spring days when the earth has been washed and refreshed by spring rains all night, and now the spring sunshine is doing its best to shine through the thin remaining cloud cover overhead.¬† There is new snow on the mountaintops, but in the valley blossoms spring flowers brighten the landscape.¬† The wind that accompanied the rain has drifted away, and the water in our beautiful lakes is almost smooth, providing watercolor reflections of the skies, mountains, and landscape.

spring potpourri for cloudy day viewing

April 12 2010

It was such a lovely sunny day – surely spring had arrived!¬† Had to get out and about and soak up some of that fresh air and vitamin D!¬† Couldn’t resist taking the¬†camera along.¬† Snap! snap! snap!¬† A potpourri of spring sights¬†implanted themselves digitally onto the memory card.

Good thing.  The days since have been mostly cloudy, breezy, and generally not very spring-like.  But at least we can gaze at the snapshots and dream of warmer days to come.  Enjoy!