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Spring birds and other critters

April 14, 2012

Penticton’s ospreys are back in their amazing nests, and other wildlife are also enjoying the beautiful spring days.  Enjoy!

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osprey family and feathered friends

27 July 2011

Summer weather seems to have finally arrived in Penticton and the sunny south Okanagan, better late than never.  The skies are blue, the sun shines warmly, and clouds are mainly fluffy white puffs high overhead – which means that bird watchers can get some great views of feathered friends.

The osprey nest at the corner of Warren Avenue and the Channel Bypass is a busy place these days, as the remaining two youngsters (yes, it appears that the third little one did not make it) are growing rapidly, and regularly peer out over the edges of the nest.  Mama tends to spend most of her time with the young ones, while Papa stands guard at a distance in the tops of bare long-dead tree trunks.  When human beings venture too close to the nest, Papa swoops from his perch, shouting at the intruders, and then flies up to the nest, lands for a moment or two to reassure his little family, and then sails back to his lookout.

The osprey family generously allows their much smaller feathered neighbours to perch on nest branches that extend out from the platform.  The nest stands high on a pole above one of the Okanagan River’s oxbows, on the edge of a patch of wild untamed landscape.  One building sits alone in the deserted bit of wilderness within the city, alongside a parking lot that is being slowly but surely overgrown by unruly vegetation.  A row of lamp posts stick up incongruously here and there among the trees, bushes and grasses.  Apparently at one time human inhabitants carved a recreational area out of this bit of land, perhaps a mini-golf course as I’ve heard tell.  But except for the office building, parking lot, and lamp posts, mother nature is reclaiming this bit of Okanagan dryland next to the cut-off oxbows.  The land and bits of water have become home to an increasing number of creatures large and small, as well as waterfowl and other birds who love the safety and openness of this wilderness of  tall trees and wetlands which are bounded by highway on the west, a broad streetscape on the south, and single family residential homes to the east and north.

(To get the best view of the ospreys and their feathered friends, be sure to click on the photos to see enlarged photos).

Ospreys update

I was out for a walk today on Okanagan Lake beach and was pleased to see that the osprey nest by the casino/hotel has an osprey family in it after all.  Several times lately it has seemed empty, and I was afraid that the much-vaunted “riparian environment” along the beach walk was being overwhelmed by the motorboat rentals, kayak rentals, houseboat cruise rentals, live music on the stage jutting out over the riparian area, the numerous guests at the sidewalk cafe overlooking the riparian area, the numerous folks attending the restaurant built on posts above the riparian area, etc etc etc…  But today there were, in addition to the osprey’s in the nest, a duck family, and a quite large flock of geese in the lake and on the shoreline.  Of course it could be that yesterday was an extremely wet rainy day, and this morning was cool after a night of rain, which meant that few humans were around, and it was early enough that none of the rentals had started yet.  Hmmm….

On the other hand, the osprey nest at the corner of the Channel Bypass and Warren Avenue features a non-stop concert of baby ospreys cheeping and chirping – although in the past week or two I’ve only been able to spot two little heads rather than the three previously.   I am hoping that the third osprey youngster is still there, of course, but am beginning to wonder if the little one hasn’t made it this far.  Mom and Pop osprey are very devoted parents, and if any humans cross over the street to the side where the nest sits high atop a pole, Pop leaps up from the nest and whirls in great circles, crying out vigorously in an attempt to draw the intruders away from the area near the nest.  As Pop leaps up from the nest, a flurry of much smaller birds often rush upwards at the same time, suggesting that the ospreys are good neighbours, willing to share their nesting space.

Here are some recent snapshots of Ma and Pa stretching their wings.  No shots of the little ones though …  I must get out my telephoto lens rather than get that close.

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Penticton osprey’s nest

15 July 2010

A couple months back we featured some snapshots of an osprey’s nest  at the corner of Warren Avenue and the Highway 97 bypass.  At the time mom and pop were in the process of setting up home.  Now passersby enjoy watching 3 little heads pop up as the proud parents swoop down with food for their chicks.

I haven’t been able to get a decent snapshot of the little ones yet, but this evening I got some wonderful snapshots of the parents swooping low over the nest.  Enjoy!

eagle’s — no, osprey’s! — nest

April 15, 2011

Including the mating pair, there are at least 5 adult eagles — oops, osprey’s — wheeling over our neighborhood.  And a baby or two in the nest.  Wonderful!

Too funny!  That’s what happens when a short-sighted earth-bound pedestrian admires wonderful winged creatures sailing far overhead.  Mis-identification!  How embarrassing!

Thanks to everyone who gently pointed out  my error 🙂

On the other hand, just checked my stats – seems my “oops” has garnered more hits and comments that any previous post.   Have to like that.