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Spring April 3 2020

Another week has passed, and even though we’ve had night-time temperatures as low as -6C, daytime temperatures in the single digits C, April showers, and … yes, even some snow yesterday! … spring is still springing. A week ago I took some plants from indoors to the greenhouse, thinking night-time freezes were finished. Wishful thinking, I’m afraid. Despite that, the plants are doing well–and the temperature in the greenhouse today got up to 30C (check out that thermometer!) though it was only 7C outside. The smell in the greenhouse was lovely … warm, moist soil and fresh new plants. The garden plants are doing well, too–wild strawberries, chives, green onions, rhubarb, and more. Flowers and bushes … and early fruit blossoms … are in bloom around our complex, too!

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Then off for another solitary walk through the neighbourhood oxbows. As usual, I didn’t meet a soul during my trek … at least not humans … but lots of flying creatures (check out the ducks taking off from the pond and the robin looking for worms), beautiful skyscapes (including the man in the moon peering down), and, of course, plants springing forth to welcome the spring!¬† When I was just about home, a man came out of his house and demanded, in a cranky voice, what I was taking pictures of. “Spring!” I announced joyfully … and a smile broke out on his face. “Yes, it is!” he agreed.

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Spring Break March 27 2020

Is Spring springing? Well, take a look at these photos, and tell me what you think!

The last set of photos I posted were taken March 15–the beginning of Spring Break here in Penticton. Since then we had a lot of beautiful sunny days, clear blue skies, daytime temperatures around 7 or 8 C. and night time as low as -6 C. In the past few days the clouds have moved in … and temperatures have risen as high as 14 C in the daytime and usually – 1 or -2 C at night — except for last night when the temperature only dropped to +3 C! That must mean spring is springing, right? So how does that explain the weather predictions for tonight for heavy snow in all the highway passes (but rain here in the valley)? Oh right, it still is March for a few more days … and you know what they say about March weather: “Comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” … Hmm… A bit more “lamb” would be nice, don’t you think?

The photos in this slide show have been taken over the past few days, and it does look kind of hopeful that spring is springing ūüôā Check them out ūüôā

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Spring or a Long April Fool’s Day?

Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day happened to land on the same date this year–and I’m thinking that momentous event totally messed up Spring! How else could it be that here in Penticton in the sunny South Okanagan, four days later, the weather forecast reads “rain showers or wet flurries.” Come on! It’s April! Easter has come and gone! This isn’t Alberta, after all ūüôā Check it out:


Well, at least the ice has melted off the oxbows … and the turtles have come out of hibernation and are hopefully trying to catch a few rays….

The urban deer are looking chipper, too — and I see they’re mighty pleased to be able to nibble at the fresh green tulips … and have even left a few buds behind to let us humans enjoy the flowers when they finally get around to blooming!

A few brave souls figure that if they get outside and pretend it’s Spring, the weatherman might take the hint and send some truly Spring-like weather along.

Oh! Check it out! Lots of flowers! It must be spring after all! Or is it?


But wait! Maybe spring is springing after all! Looks like Mother Nature isn’t going to let Mr. April Fool get away with his tricks altogether …

Yes! Spring has sprung!



July 9 2012

While the Penticton area is generally sunny and hot in summer, we do get occasional rain – usually in the form of amazing downpours following awesome displays of thunder and lightning.¬† We were treated¬†to a wonderful display of nature’s glory last evening, topped off with beautiful skyscapes¬†following the thunderstorm.¬† Then off to sleep in the peace following the storm – only to be¬†awoken several times during the night with¬†several encore¬†performances by Mother Nature.

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Amazing Penticton sunrise

January 11, 2012

Harvest moon rising

September 11, 2011

Enjoy this slide show of the September harvest moon rising over the hilltops above Penticton.

And watch out for the alien spaceships in some of the shots – Penticton’s aliens seem to have come back to visit us again! ūüôā

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Amazing summer skyscapes

15 July 2011

It’s been an unusual season.¬† Spring arrived very late, and the summer has been kind of sketchy!¬† We’ve had the odd day in the 30’s (Celsius), but mostly it’s been in the low to mid 20s, and often down to 11 or 12 at night.¬† On the other hand, we’ve been spared the floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, and wild weather that so many places have been suffering from, which is a blessing.¬†¬†¬† We really have nothing to complain about.

Mid 20s weather is actually quite pleasant, with a mix of sun and cloud, and – something I enjoy greatly – fairly frequent thunderstorms!¬† Fortunately, they are usually accompanied by good downpours, so we haven’t had the wildfire problems of many previous years.¬† A nice side effect of the thunderstorms is amazing skyscapes.¬† And that is today’s theme.

As you look at the pictures, imagine yourself sitting curled in a comfy lawn chair in my pleasant little gazebo, watching, with awe, the clouds and lightning, and listening to the rolling thunder, and then to the rain as it splatters onto the fabric roof of the gazebo.  Rain droplets hit the ground around the gazebo and bounce up, the wind catching them and swirling them under the covering, gently splattering your face with their coolness.

What a beautiful gift from the Creator!

(I’m trying something different – posting the photos as a slideshow.¬† What do you think?)

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Penticton sunrise

May 14, 2011

Some folks complain that Penticton doesn’t get the incredible sunrises and sunsets that areas like the Pacific northwest coast or the prairies get.¬† I beg to differ!

overhead opposites

April 9, 2011

In the past few days, there have been some rather amazing “opposites” overhead.¬† In the morning, face east, and the mountains and sky¬†are obliterated¬†by fog; face west and not only are the mountains clearly seen but there are breaks in the sky through which the sun is shining.¬†¬† In the afternoon, face east and the sky is india-ink-wash-blue threatening thunder and downpours; turn about and face west, and the sky is full of sunlight, summer blue, with white fluffy clouds.¬† Another day, mid-afternoon, high overhead the moon hangs languidly above the roof tops in a pale sky; while slightly to the west, the sun blazes blindingly, making the same pale sky appear a deep-dusk-blue in the camera’s eye.¬† Amazing how the same sky can present such different tableaus so closely together!


March 19-20 2011

Did the super-moon seem super to you?¬† Maybe it’s just me, but a supposed 30 percent-above-normal size didn’t seem quite as amazing as all the media hype would have it.

On the other hand, it did get me outside enjoying a reasonably clear early spring night, and that is definitely a good thing.  After a series of cloudy evenings, we were blessed with somewhat clearer skies at the perfect time.  Lovely!

In fact, it was an awesome enough experience that I got up at 5:30 next morning and took some snapshots (the second half of the pictures above) of the moon setting.  It was my understanding that the moon would be appear largest at about 9:30 in the evening Рbut surprisingly, the early morning viewing 8 hours later seemed to be just as large.

Perhaps it was due to the low-lying clouds that moved in during the night.  Nothing like smoke or smog or clouds to exaggerate the apparent size of the moon, or of the sun for that matter!  Does that mean that particulate matter in the atmosphere is not necessarily such a bad thing after all?