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Cottonwoods Snow Storm

Here in the sunny South Okanagan, it is very rare to have snowstorms after March, though we occasionally get a few flakes fluttering down now and then until late April.  But the other day, May 29 to be exact, we had a blizzard of “white stuff!”  It was a beautiful sunny late spring afternoon, when suddenly the wind kicked up and, with the sun still bravely shining in a mostly clear blue sky, the flakes were whirling about in every direction!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this slide show and see for yourself!

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What’s that I hear you asking?  Those tall trees behind the white house?  Cottonwoods, I think.  There are loads of them around here.  Why do you want to know?  Pardon? Cottonwood snow? Really?  Well… I guess that could explain why it still hasn’t melted despite the warm temperatures…



Aliens Invade Penticton on Canada Day 2011

1 July 2011 – Canada Day in Penticton

Do you ever wonder

Do you ever wonder what kind of alien would take pictures like these and ask these kinds of questions?

Do you ever wonder what kind of a blogger would label all the pictures and forget to save the labels – three times in a row?  🙂

spring rituals

April 5, 2011

There are certain rituals of spring that we Canadians seemingly can’t resist.  Here are a couple of them!

We are now firmly racing toward our fourth federal election in seven years.  And it looks as though we are precariously close to a provincial election here in BC, as well.  The politicos are bemoaning the fact that less and less folks turn out to vote.  I wonder why?

Because we’d rather be out playing baseball in the spring!  That’s why!  🙂