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The View from Where?

I’ve just returned from a refreshing sun-shiny walk in the neighbourhood. The Penticton Photography club challenge for the coming meeting is “the view from here”, and I was wondering what pictures I could take.

Some were rather obvious–for example, this view across the valley:

Penticton hillsides

But then I recalled back in my UBC (University of British Columbia) days—maybe 1978 or so—I took a course in which we learned to take films with Super 8 cameras, and we also learned different methods of animation. I was living in an old house in Vancouver, built about 1910, and the dark, unfinished basement intrigued me. It reminded me of the stories of the “Borrowers” (by Mary Norton), tiny people who lived under the stairs in an old house in England, and survived by “borrowing” food and useful items which they repurposed into household goods. For example, empty thread stools made excellent seating. So I used platicine to create the characters and filmed them living in the floor rafters of the old house I lived in.

Ever since then, the idea of “the view from here” that small creatures must see has intrigued me. So while I was out and about today, I snapped a variety of photos that I imagined might be views that birds, insects, squirrels, and other small creatures might see. Here are a few of them:

A squirrel contemplating climbing this tree
A cat contemplating climbing to where a bird sits at the tip of this fallen tree
A bird looking for a safe nesting site
An “extreme sports” mountain climbing insect contemplating a pile of snow!
… and, halfway up, wondering if it will ever achieve the summit!

What unusual views have you noticed on your walkabouts?

Comments on: "The View from Where?" (2)

  1. Great post, Norma! Seems we’re both looking at perspective today.

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