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The Great Gazebo Disaster

About 5 am on November 26 I woke, startled, to the sounds of a big crash. At first I thought someone was breaking in through our sliding doors–but a quick look out the window told the truth: we’d had a heavy snowfall overnight, and the weight of the very wet, coastal snow (most unusual in our area, which is known for its dry, powdery white stuff), had collapsed our gazebo which had easily survived 4 previous winters, 5 summers, big windstorms–but was finally outdone by this crazy wet snowfall.  The snow was still falling fast, so I quickly dressed in my winter woolies, and zipped outside to survey the damage, and see if there was any chance of rescuing our “extra room” we use so much in the warmer months. Alas, the entire frame was bent and twisted, and the fabric roof was torn to shreds. So I got out a shovel and spent the next hour or two, in the winter dark, digging snow off the top of the gazebo, and from inside where it had tumbled through the torn roof. Eventually the snow stopped falling, which was a good thing, as I’d been playing catch-up with it all that time. I hauled a big tarp out of the shed, and with the help of some rope, managed to pull it over the remains of the gazebo. Then I hauled the gazebo contents–lawn chairs, garden tools, barbeque, my bicycle, and more–out of the demolished structure, and into the living room (where I’d laid down another tarp to protect the floor) to dry out. Next day, a friend came over and helped us dismantle the twisted remains of the gazebo, and another friend helped me haul the pieces to the truck to be taken to the recycling facility at the local dump. Finally, I took the gazebo contents back outside, piled them on the now barren slab the gazebo had rested on, and hubby helped me wrap a big white tarp over and around everything, to wait for spring–and hopefully a new gazebo! Here are some snapshots of our great gazebo disaster:

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