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Cottonwoods Snow Storm

Here in the sunny South Okanagan, it is very rare to have snowstorms after March, though we occasionally get a few flakes fluttering down now and then until late April.  But the other day, May 29 to be exact, we had a blizzard of “white stuff!”  It was a beautiful sunny late spring afternoon, when suddenly the wind kicked up and, with the sun still bravely shining in a mostly clear blue sky, the flakes were whirling about in every direction!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this slide show and see for yourself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s that I hear you asking?  Those tall trees behind the white house?  Cottonwoods, I think.  There are loads of them around here.  Why do you want to know?  Pardon? Cottonwood snow? Really?  Well… I guess that could explain why it still hasn’t melted despite the warm temperatures…


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