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Skaha Beach is Fun!

July 30, 2012

Hello again!  My name is Madison, and I am nine years old.  A few days ago, I told you a bit about Penticton, on my blog post, Here’s Penticton!    Today I am going to tell you about Skaha Beach at Penticton, and show you some pictures of it.

Skaha Beach is a really fun beach because you can go swimming.  There is a kilometer of sandy beach to sunbathe.  There are docks you can swim out to and jump off.  There are lots of buoys you can swim out to.  You might want to be careful because there are a lot of boats, jet skis, and parasails in the summertime, past the buoys.  Please keep an eye on the swimmers, because they could go missing, and that would be sad.

At Skaha Beach there is a tennis court, food vendors, and a little shop area to buy bracelets and all kinds of other things like hair feathers.  There are volleyball nets and there is a water park.  There is a big playground with slides, swings, spider webs, and other things to ride and play on.  There is a pond with two fountains.  You can fish in the pond.

At Skaha Beach there are beautiful lawns, shady trees, benches where you can relax and look at the beautiful scenery, and picnic tables where you can eat your lunch.

I love to go to Skaha Beach!

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