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Here’s Penticton!

23 July 2012

Hello, my name is Madison.  I’m nine years old and going into grade four. I am today’s Penticton Pedestrian.

If you are going on the main highway on the Channel Parkway you will see this big bird’s nest.  It is an osprey’s nest.  If you look, you can see I have circled the head of one of the birds.  The nest is on a pole taller than the trees.

The beautiful church on Baskin Street lets us see the beautiful mountains of Penticton.

Our small little community has lots of fruit.  It also has lots of pretty flowers.  And it has lots of bright yellow cars 🙂

There is also a duck pond by the Channel Parkway.

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Comments on: "Here’s Penticton!" (1)

  1. Wow! I was just in Penticton and was wondering what type of nest that was. Thanks for the cool story about the nest and the information about Penticton!!

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