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July 9 2012

While the Penticton area is generally sunny and hot in summer, we do get occasional rain – usually in the form of amazing downpours following awesome displays of thunder and lightning.  We were treated to a wonderful display of nature’s glory last evening, topped off with beautiful skyscapes following the thunderstorm.  Then off to sleep in the peace following the storm – only to be awoken several times during the night with several encore performances by Mother Nature.

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Comments on: "Thunderstorm!" (5)

  1. excellent, You not only carry the camera, but use it…. I’m afraid I haven’t adjusted to the fact it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to take shots.

  2. real nice series of wild skies, where can i find a link to the album software, i could post some of mine, actually i like flickr for photos, wordpress for important info!

    • Don’t you think pictures of awesome wild skies are important information, too? 🙂
      As for the album software, it is part of this particular WordPress theme (which is free!) — Spectrum theme, btw. You could easily start your own site with your own pictures.

      • Thanks for the info, will follow that up!
        We have seen an explosion of wicked weather this summer, you sure can tell that there is a lot more moisture in the air, western canada is getting wallopped over and over !

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