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After the Storm

June 23, 2012

Late yesterday afternoon I wrote on my facebook status: “I love the smell of summer rain before it actually arrives.”

And then, a few hours later … it arrived!

This morning, the world is quiet, as these pictures illustrate.  But last night, oh my!

The smell of summer rain turned into the wildest, more wonderful summer storm imaginable.  Non-stop sheets of lightning, enormous thunder rumbles (my mom used to say they were moving the furniture in heaven – goodness! they must have been moving – and dropping – grand pianos this time), downpours with raindrops bouncing a foot or two off the ground, rain blowing sideways into the windows, and the trees, oh my, the trees! in such an amazing dance, bowing deep, twirling in great circles, leaping skywards!  And it went on and on and on – not just one of those sudden-storms-and-then-its-gone, but all of nature joined together in a great celebration that no one wanted to end.  To top it off, there was a steady stream of sirens and flashing lights zooming by on the highway bypass, and some pretty wild and crazy young folks whooping it up in the neighborhood, hooting and hollering and laughing.  What an introduction to the first weekend of SUMMER!  …

Now a few hours have passed, the sky is gray, the world is damp, only a tiny breeze is left to remind us of last night’s amazing moments (along with a scattering of leaves and twigs all over the ground, and a fairy ring on the grass to let us know the wee folk were out enjoying it too).

And now, I’m off.  The Downtown Saturday Farmers and Artisans Markets, the annual Elvis Festival, and the annual antique car Beach Cruise beckon.  Ah, summer in Penticton!

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