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signs of autumn: baseball

Penticton’s community league baseball games have, of course, been going strong for several months.  But suddenly something has changed:  summer’s shorts and t-shirts, on many of the players and fans alike, have given way to warmer outfits.  A few hardy players still bravely expose their goose-bump covered arms and legs to autumn’s chill, as thick gray clouds and nippy breezes wrap themselves around the bipeds who dare to come out to the ballpark no matter the weather.  Saner players sensibly layer cozy jogging pants and sweatshirts, while fans bring out their fall jackets and snug down into their lawn chairs.  Seems no one wants to stretch out on the grass and sun-tan as they watch the game these days.  Still, perhaps this chilly fall weather is a good thing for baseball.  It notches up the game, with frequent strong hits that keep camera-toting fans busy snapping the action.  Could it be that autumn’s chill is motivating the players to do whatever it takes to keep running and thus stay warm?  Sure looks like it!

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