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signs of autumn: creatures

In our last post, we featured autumn’s vegetation changes.  Today we feature creatures, including human ones 🙂

Outdoor workers quickly gathering materials together under cloudy skies, hurrying to finish up those job before the rain pours or snow flies.  The osprey family taken flight to southern climes; their now-empty nest settling in to wait for ma and pa’s return next spring.  Ducks gathering in local ox-bows, resting and harvesting summer’s growth before winging their way south, too.  Summer’s forts deserted as their young builders head back to school.  Folks harvesting cat-tails from little row-boats.  Deer fattening up in Penticton’s green spaces, layering  on their winter woolies.  And people layering up too, as they head out for their daily walk in early morning’s chill.

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