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3 September 2011

One last sashay through the sea of colourful totes at the Penticton Farmers and Artisans Market!  Today we feature wheeled contraptions and people power.  Wagons, suitcases, wheeled grocery bags, granny carts, strollers, baskets on walkers and wheelchairs and bikes, pet strollers, bike trailers …  commercially made or hand-made, you name it, you’ll find it at the Penticton Market, filled with fresh produce and with purchases of all kinds.  And for those items that are just too large to fit into the tote you brought, or to beautiful to hide inside it, there’s always people power – tucked under your arm, or flung over your shoulder … though I’ve yet to see items perched on folks heads (unless it’s a new hat, of course) like those National Geographic pictures that intrigued me as a child and led to this series of posts 🙂

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