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September 3, 2011

Our Penticton Saturday Farmers and Artisans Markets adventure in colour continues with a selection of purses, backpacks, and totes.  Unlike their cousins, the disposable and reusable bags we’ve already admired, these carryalls are generally sturdier, more like those baskets we featured a few days ago.  They also come in a wider variety of materials – leather and vinyl and canvas and more.  They also feature pockets and zippers and other handy accoutrements, and many are hands-free with long over-the-shoulder straps or back-straps.  Some feature decorative doo-dads, and others have key-chains and toys and other bright dangling decorations.

They are generally large enough to function as both pocketbooks and bags for carrying market purchases.  How versatile!  On the other hand, some are so small that one can only surmise that their owners are here just to window-shop or people-watch … or are hoping that the market merchants will have free disposable bags available for them to haul home the produce.  Or perhaps, they’re here to actually purchase a new bag or basket.  There are certainly enough market stalls featuring bags of all sorts that they’ll be able to find something uniquely suitable.

What kind of bag or basket or tote do you favour?  Or do you have a whole collection of different kinds?  And have you spotted your bag in our colourful series?


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