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Bag bonanza

3 September 2011

On with the show!  We’ve looked at Penticton Saturday Farmers and Artisans Market’s fiesta of baskets, disposable plastic bags, and reusable store bags.  Today we go on to the colourful bonanza of other bags of all sorts.  Just feast your eyes on the collage below.

There are large bags, small bags, sturdy bags and wobbly bags.  White bags, black bags, striped bags and flowery bags.  Thick bags, sheer bags, multi-pocket and plain bags.  Bright colours and pastels, brilliant prints and painted horses.

One of the interesting things I noticed about a number of the bags at the Penticton Saturday Markets is how many of them have designs and logos which strongly suggest they’ve come from far away places, like France and Mexico and other exotic spots.  Some of those bags are clearly from outdoor markets half a world away!  Do you suppose that some of our Penticton Market logo bags (yes, you can purchase them at our markets) end up visiting markets far away?

Of course Penticton is a tourist destination itself, but at the same time many of our residents love to explore far-away places too.  We truly do live in a global village and the bags at our markets illustrate that fact.



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