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September 3, 2011

Aren’t they wonderful?  Bright colours, sturdy fabric or plastic, or some combination thereof.  Environmentally friendly, pretty much.  Your choice of a variety of sizes.  Straps that, unlike their disposable plastic cousins, don’t immediately dig into your flesh the moment a few things are placed in them.  Washable.  Great for over-sized Christmas stocking gifts from Santa (yes, indeed!).  Fold down into neat little packages which you can easily stash under the car seat or in the trunk – and then forget to take into the store, so you end up purchasing a few more.  Excellent for taking supplies to class, or for stashing away winter blankets and coats over the summer, or for using as recycle-reuse-reduce bins under the kitchen sink or in the mud-room.

Oh yes, and of course perfect for taking along to the Penticton Saturday Farmers and Artisans Markets, to bring home your fresh local produce and other purchases.

And best of all, they’re generally really inexpensive.  Often just 99 cents or so – the price of just 20 or so of their disposable plastic cousins.  What a deal!  And in addition, you have the privilege of advertising your favorite stores as you use their bags.  Hurrah for reusable store bags!

Hmmm… does it ever strike  you as just as tad strange to use Safeway bags at the Wholesale store, and Walmart bags at Save-on-Foods, and Whole Foods Market bags at Home Hardware … and all of them at the Farmers Market?

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