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Summer days at Skaha Beach

August 23, 2011

Last post we featured family fun at the north end of Penticton, by Okanagan Beach.  Today we take a 10 minute drive (or a less than 1 hour stroll – or a leisurely float down the Channel) to the south end of Penticton, by Skaha Beach.  No wonder Penticton was recently awarded top honors among beaches world-wide!

Skaha Beach is such a great place to spend a day – or all summer – with family and friends.  Walk over from your home – for most Penticton folk, one beach or the other is within a half-hour stroll – or take the car and park in the free, shady parking lots.  Then…

  • Play on a wonderful adventure playground,
  • sit and chat with friends on the benches,
  •  bike with the family on great trails,
  • enjoy lunch on the picnic tables,
  • relax with your dog on beautiful grassy spots in the shade while you’re out for a walk on hot days,
  • perch on playground toys just the right size to accommodate big daddies and their wee ones together,
  • cool off in the great variety of water park sprinklers (or with good humor splash unwary passersby),
  • watch the ducks and do a bit of fishing in the natural pond,
  • play a pick-up game of basketball or beach volleyball or tennis,
  • make new instant friends from all over the world,
  • sunbathe on beautiful, sandy, clean beaches,
  • build sand castles (and sand-tipis!),
  • safely swim in clear blue waters,
  • hang out on the rafts, and then jump off them with great splashes,
  • and take part in all manner of water sports – boating, water-skiing, sailboarding, and more.

And of course, during the heat in the middle of the day when all wise folk retreat from those high-UV summer rays, spread out your picnic lunch or set up your barbeque, or go to one of the concession stands to get some snacks. Then sit back in the deep shade on the grass under great spreading trees and enjoy a leisurely lunch and mid-day siesta.  Or alternatively head home for a break, have lunch, and get some lively exercise with the cousins in front of the Wii, while the elder folks nap, before heading back to the beach.

Enjoy today’s slide show.  Stroll with our photographer through Skaha Beach and imagine yourself there.  See if you can spot anyone you know!  And then be sure to come soon and check out the real thing yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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