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Lots to do with the grandkids

August 18, 2011

In Penticton, there really is lots to do with the grandkids!  My 10-year-old grandson came out to visit from Alberta for a few days, and we had such a great time.

The first day, we mini-golfed, swam, and played in two parks.  The only thing that “cost” was the mini-golf, and hubby won a free pass which he passed on to our grandson.  A couple of days later, the little guy and his granny on his dad’s side used the free pass to go mini-golfing – and won another free pass.  So it turns out that one of the great things about activities with the grandkids in Penticton is that the few things that “cost” are actually almost free too 🙂

There’s another great thing about Penticton activities with the grandkids – you can park the car (or even just walk from home) and find a wide variety of activities all within a 10 to 15 minute walking distance of each other.  We started at Loco Landing where we played mini-golf, fed the ducks and goldfish, and Chinnie (grandpa) and the little guy had a wonderful time shooting cannonballs.  The young ‘un made some new friends, too.

Then a short walk to Okanagan Beach, for fun in the waves, sliding into the water with huge splashes, making sand castles, watching the parasailers and sail-boarders and waterskiiers – and backpack snacks on the sand.  And making new friends.

Across the street to Lakawanna Park for fun in the water park, and more excitement on the huge adventure playground.  And of course, more new friends.

Then a short two or three blocks on to the adventure playground at Queen’s Elementary School, watching activities of children taking part in the Penticton Rec summer day camp program, meeting still more new friends, and finally a picnic lunch while perched high atop the monkey bars!

Then back to the  car, parked in the lovely shady free parking lot behind Lakawanna Park – cool even on a warm sunny South Okanagan summer day!

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  1. Makes me wish I was young and care free again.. I’d be able to let my hair down…

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