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Ospreys update

I was out for a walk today on Okanagan Lake beach and was pleased to see that the osprey nest by the casino/hotel has an osprey family in it after all.  Several times lately it has seemed empty, and I was afraid that the much-vaunted “riparian environment” along the beach walk was being overwhelmed by the motorboat rentals, kayak rentals, houseboat cruise rentals, live music on the stage jutting out over the riparian area, the numerous guests at the sidewalk cafe overlooking the riparian area, the numerous folks attending the restaurant built on posts above the riparian area, etc etc etc…  But today there were, in addition to the osprey’s in the nest, a duck family, and a quite large flock of geese in the lake and on the shoreline.  Of course it could be that yesterday was an extremely wet rainy day, and this morning was cool after a night of rain, which meant that few humans were around, and it was early enough that none of the rentals had started yet.  Hmmm….

On the other hand, the osprey nest at the corner of the Channel Bypass and Warren Avenue features a non-stop concert of baby ospreys cheeping and chirping – although in the past week or two I’ve only been able to spot two little heads rather than the three previously.   I am hoping that the third osprey youngster is still there, of course, but am beginning to wonder if the little one hasn’t made it this far.  Mom and Pop osprey are very devoted parents, and if any humans cross over the street to the side where the nest sits high atop a pole, Pop leaps up from the nest and whirls in great circles, crying out vigorously in an attempt to draw the intruders away from the area near the nest.  As Pop leaps up from the nest, a flurry of much smaller birds often rush upwards at the same time, suggesting that the ospreys are good neighbours, willing to share their nesting space.

Here are some recent snapshots of Ma and Pa stretching their wings.  No shots of the little ones though …  I must get out my telephoto lens rather than get that close.

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