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Saturday Market folks

It’s Saturday morning again!  The sky is clear, and the weatherman is predicting a warm and sunny 29 C today.  What to do, what to do?  Really ought to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful summer weather, right?

Right!  And the downtown Penticton Saturday farmers and artisans market is absolutely the place to do it.  But the market only lasts from about 8 am to noon, so pull yourself out of your cozy bed, lazybones, toss on some shorts and a tee (you might want to add a sweater, too – it got down to 9 C overnight) and get yourself downtown.  Don’t worry about breakfast.   Or lunch for that matter.  There’s a wonderful assortment of delicious culinary treats awaiting you.

You’ll love it at the market.  Not convinced?  Just take a look at all these happy folks at last Saturday’s market!

(Okay, so some of them could smile a bit more, granted – probably they’re just squinting from the sunshine, right?  No problem! Just bring along your sunglasses.  And your smile!  You’ll have a wonderful morning.)

Click on the snapshots to see them full screen size … recognize anyone you know?  Yourself maybe?  🙂



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