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Amazing summer skyscapes

15 July 2011

It’s been an unusual season.  Spring arrived very late, and the summer has been kind of sketchy!  We’ve had the odd day in the 30’s (Celsius), but mostly it’s been in the low to mid 20s, and often down to 11 or 12 at night.  On the other hand, we’ve been spared the floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, and wild weather that so many places have been suffering from, which is a blessing.    We really have nothing to complain about.

Mid 20s weather is actually quite pleasant, with a mix of sun and cloud, and – something I enjoy greatly – fairly frequent thunderstorms!  Fortunately, they are usually accompanied by good downpours, so we haven’t had the wildfire problems of many previous years.  A nice side effect of the thunderstorms is amazing skyscapes.  And that is today’s theme.

As you look at the pictures, imagine yourself sitting curled in a comfy lawn chair in my pleasant little gazebo, watching, with awe, the clouds and lightning, and listening to the rolling thunder, and then to the rain as it splatters onto the fabric roof of the gazebo.  Rain droplets hit the ground around the gazebo and bounce up, the wind catching them and swirling them under the covering, gently splattering your face with their coolness.

What a beautiful gift from the Creator!

(I’m trying something different – posting the photos as a slideshow.  What do you think?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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