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Okanagan River oxbows

15 July 2011

Sometime in Penticton’s past, the meandering Okanagan River, which sprawled over quite a bit of territory and had a habit of flooding its banks during spring run-off, was “improved” by Penticton’s city fathers.  A straight channel was dug from Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake, with a dam at the Okanagan Lake end to control water flow.  Later, the department of highways took advantage of this straight stretch, and put in a highway bypass, so that travelers would not have to take the leisurely drive through Penticton’s residential areas and downtown core.

Now folks in a rush can speed past Penticton (much to the distress of Penticton’s businesses), and, in the summer, enjoy the sight of countless numbers of  more leisurely folks “floating the channel” in all manner of floatable devices.

What almost all of those folks miss, the speedy and the leisurely ones alike, is the remaining ox-bows of the Okanagan River, on the opposite side of the highway bypass.  This really is a pity, because these cut-off bits of the river have become home to a wonderful variety of plants and waterfowl, as well as providing a home for many other creatures ranging from small critters like marmots, to larger ones like deer.

Today’s snapshots provide you a glimpse of some of the beauty you’ll find if you take an east turn off the bypass (at Green Road or Warren Avenue, for example), turn onto the first side street you come to, park your vehicle, and find your way through paths to the oxbows on the east side of the bypass.  Enjoy!


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  1. Another great one Norma…I quickly view them all, but I’m usually to rushed to do anything else. Tricia now in the hospital, so I’m no longer the main caregiver, so maybe will find a little more time.

    • norma hill said:

      Oh Bob I’m glad you’re not under such pressure now, though I’m sure you must spend lots of time visiting Tricia. I appreciate that you still find time to glance through my posts!

      I do hope that folks enjoy your site as well – beautiful Okanagan region countryside that few people take the little meandering side roads to enjoy. I encourage anyone reading this to check out Bob’s beautiful site: Lakes, Trails, and Tales of the Golden Triangle at:

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