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July 7, 2011

Finally, summer.  The sky was clear blue with tiny  of white clouds.  Heat waves shimmered on the pavement.  Neighbour children flopped on lawn chairs in the shade, too hot to enjoy the start of their vacation from school.

The mercury in the thermometer edged up, up, up, into the high 30s C.  Residents turned on the AC for the first time this year, following an unusually long, cool, damp spring.  Those without AC huddled next to fans, or escaped to the beach where still chilly waters greeted them.  Toes dipped in, then drew back quickly as goose bumps popped up.  Too cold to swim, too warm to do anything else.

We’d been waiting for summer heat for so long – and today it arrived so suddenly that folks actually groaned and moaned.  The weather deities must have been listening in, for suddenly wind whipped up and black clouds blew in across the sky.  Trees waved madly.  Waves crashed onto the shoreline.  Within minutes brilliant flashes of lightning broke the strange mid-afternoon darkness, followed by great crashes of thunder.  Rain poured down, soaking the dry earth.

And then it was over.  Fluffy white clouds and blue sky began to tentatively break through the dark greyness overhead.  Neatly tended gardens and yards now looked like they’d been hit by a freak snowstorm, as tree blossoms coated the ground.  Folks put on sweaters.  In less than an hour the temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees.  Oh no!  Spring again?

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