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May 28, 2011

Penticton, like many other small cities, features rows of neatly trimmed tree-lined residential streets, with each yard showcasing a green stretch of mowed grass, a neat sidewalk to the front door, and a paved driveway to the carport or garage.  Most yards also feature a bed or two of colorful flowers – and this time of year, lilac bushes or fruit trees or other bushes in full bloom.

Of course, not everyone adheres to the expected.  Some folks are concerned about conserving water in our dry valley – or perhaps just want an easy-care landscape – and turn to less “green” … or more “green” depending on how you define it! … alternatives.  These range from completely paved yards, to combinations of gravel, rockery, wood chips, and a scattering of greenery and/or xeriscape plantings.  Other folks are creative, and fill their yards with home-made garden characters and similar decorations – and even replace flower beds with bunches of bright plastic flowers.  Then there are the folks who have daringly dug up their lovely green lawns (much to the dismay of some neighbors), and filled their front yards with beds of veggies and rows of berries and other culinary delights.  And of course, there are the very brave folks who are nature-lovers (okay, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, lol), and have let Mother Nature take over!


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