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unexpected trails

May 23, 2011

One of the great advantages of being a pedestrian rather than zooming along hiding behind the wheel of your car, is that as you meander along you have opportunity to discover lovely unexpected trails and green spaces. This particular lush green trail area is hidden away between multi-story apartment buildings.  To find it, start at the bus stop behind Cherry Lane Mall on Atkinson Street.  Cross the street and look for the brand new trail entry next to the Excelsior condo tower.  Wander along the trail until you reach the other end by the BMX park next to Lion’s Park (off Warren Avenue).  Take a picnic lunch along and enjoy it on the tables in the park.  Many folks bring their children to play in the playground – without realizing that such a wonderful “forest” is right there – a place of adventure and imagination for little ones, and peace and beauty for elders.  It is indeed amazing that such an untouched natural green space could be hiding among all those towers and parking lots.

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