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overhead opposites

April 9, 2011

In the past few days, there have been some rather amazing “opposites” overhead.  In the morning, face east, and the mountains and sky are obliterated by fog; face west and not only are the mountains clearly seen but there are breaks in the sky through which the sun is shining.   In the afternoon, face east and the sky is india-ink-wash-blue threatening thunder and downpours; turn about and face west, and the sky is full of sunlight, summer blue, with white fluffy clouds.  Another day, mid-afternoon, high overhead the moon hangs languidly above the roof tops in a pale sky; while slightly to the west, the sun blazes blindingly, making the same pale sky appear a deep-dusk-blue in the camera’s eye.  Amazing how the same sky can present such different tableaus so closely together!

Comments on: "overhead opposites" (2)

  1. That’s the wonder of Nature. So glad you are able to get out as often as you do and glad to see how you appreciate nature. Keep up the good work.

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