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April 15, 2011

Including the mating pair, there are at least 5 adult eagles — oops, osprey’s — wheeling over our neighborhood.  And a baby or two in the nest.  Wonderful!

Too funny!  That’s what happens when a short-sighted earth-bound pedestrian admires wonderful winged creatures sailing far overhead.  Mis-identification!  How embarrassing!

Thanks to everyone who gently pointed out  my error 🙂

On the other hand, just checked my stats – seems my “oops” has garnered more hits and comments that any previous post.   Have to like that.


Comments on: "eagle’s — no, osprey’s! — nest" (3)

  1. You know spring is here when the Osprey’s are back.

    • aww… you’ve such a kind way of correcting my mis-ID, Bob!

    • Hi Bob! As I write this reply, it is now 3 months later … Ma and Pa osprey hatched 3 chicks, who are growing stronger and taller by the day. In the past few days, I’ve only seen 2 hatchlings, but am hoping that it’s just a matter of when I happen to check out the nest, and that all 3 are still there. Won’t be long before they’re trying out their wings!

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