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seniors in the sunshine

April 12 2011

Out and about on a sunny Tuesday morning in April, I was astonished to see the baseball fields filled with teams enthusiastically playing.  Goodness, I wondered, who has time off work on a mid-week morning to play baseball?  Drawing closer to the action, I realized that these athletic and energetic young folks were actually a good crowd of Penticton seniors!

When we think of seniors we often picture them sitting in the food court at the mall or at the local coffee shop, or perhaps if they are especially energetic, bowling at the local alley.  But on this pleasant spring morning, Penticton seniors were out and about, and involved in all kinds of activities.  In fact, a lot of them I’m sure put much younger folks to shame!  Check out these snapshots –

  • playing baseball
  • pushing the grandbaby on the swings at the park
  • raking up winter’s scraps
  • going walkabout
  • gardening
  • speeding down the road on a patriotic scooter
  • spring cleaning the yard
  • visiting and soaking up the sun at an outdoor cafe
  • enjoying watching the world go by
  • window shopping
  • going to the library
  • polishing the car
  • pushing grandbaby around in his stroller
  • bike riding
  • grocery shopping
  • fast-food lunching
  • giving the car a good spring cleaning

Whew!  Makes me tired just watching those active seniors!  Think I’ll go home and have a nap.  🙂

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