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April 7, 2011

Penticton likes to pride itself on its vibrant arts community.  Of course there are galleries, art centers, and outdoor works of art scattered across the city, and you’ll find them proudly photographed and published in many a magazine, pamphlet and website.  But today I decided to feature a few examples of local arts that don’t usually make the tourism guides.

I’ll start with examples from that consummate artist, Mother Nature.  In the past couple days, she has blended a huge pallette of lovely pastels, and is wrapping local trees and bushes in blossoms that smell as beautiful as they look.  She is also adding bright splashes of primary yellow, reflecting the increasing brightness of her springtime sunshine, dotting beautiful dandelions across the landscape.  Some folks complain that they are weeds, but surely it would be difficult for any artist to produce a painting more beautiful than a field spread with these wonderful dancing beauties.  And as she paints the landscape, Mother Nature sometimes tips over the can of water for her paintbrushes, leaving puddles scattered on the ground that are works of art in their own right, reflecting the beautiful sky overhead.

Humans create works of arts themselves, sometimes purposely, and sometimes quite by accident.  Some of these artworks might not make it into formal galleries, but they are interesting nonetheless, like the unusual front-steps decoration in front of this house.  And then there are the accidents, like the old sheet of plastic which has blown into these tree branches, and, battered by winter winds, has transformed the barren branches into a rather amazing bit of beauty.

What examples of unexpected art have you encountered on your walkabouts?


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