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August 8, 2009

On Saturday, hubby and I went out early and I took a lot of excellent sunrise photos! He found 3 camera memory cards so we looked at them (in our camera), one was new, the other 2 had photos, featuring First Nations people, with cedar hats, etc. So we went to the “Aboriginal Village” set-up in Gyro Park, and it turned out that one of the exhibitors had had his bag stolen (with his camera in it) so the people we talked to were pretty sure it was his (he’s West Coast) and said they would pass them on.

Home for a bit, then back uptown to Farmer’s Market (set up in front of the courthouse). People were lining up for the Peach Fest parade, so hubby grabbed a spot under a big tree, and I went home and got us lawn chairs and the camera. I took a lot of shots of the Vancouver City Police motor bike show, as well as other parade pictures.

Later, we went to Gyro Park to the Aboriginal Village and watched a group (Tsimshian, I think) do some drumming and singing. They told an interesting traditional story of how all the west coast tribes with potlatch traditions originated, and they sang a Haida song, and a paddlers song.

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  1. Thanks Norma…Often go for an outing and regret taking my camera.. Your posts will definately remind me. Hopefully before I go out the door though.. Thanks Bob

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