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sunny winter day

February 22, 2011

Two-thirds of the way through the winter season, and Penticton landscapes live up to the season’s reputation.  Overhead, skies are full of the fluffy white clouds that have formed from evaporation from the blue, ice-edged lakes below.  Here and there, clear patches of pale winter blue allow the hazy winter sun to slip through, casting long blue-gray shadows of bare tree branches onto fresh white snow.

Tracks of busy human activity criss-cross lawns and sidewalks, and on the streets, slush, shallow puddles, and wet patches of pavement remind us that while Penticton does get “winter weather,”  it is generally short-lived and not much more than a pleasant short diversion from the hot days of summer and the comfortable days of autumn and spring.

It will not be long before the low-angled winter sun gives ways to the warmer rays of spring, the clouds begin to dissipate, snow disappears, and the south Okanagan once again lives up to its sunny summer paradise reputation.

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