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March 6, 2011

Spring is planning time!  Planning the summer garden, planning summer vacation, planning graduation and other end-of-school-year events.

And obviously, planning for the upcoming baseball season.  The ball fields next to our house have been empty for months, but today marked the first of the baseball enthusiasts out planning the coming season.  The in-field is still pretty muddy, the grass still brown, and a new irrigation system is being installed.  But the sun is peeking through, the snow is all melted, and these baseball lovers couldn’t stay away another minute.

Across town, another gathering of spring enthusiasts.  Not sure if they chose this particular spot because of the handy gas-up stations nearby, but these ducks were certainly having a large and excellent migration-north stop-over convention.  A few sea-gulls and other winged creatures were hanging around the edges, getting in on the excitement.

What are you planning this spring?


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