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spring has sprung!

May 4, 2010

When I went out for my mid-day walk, I wandered through a neighborhood I haven’t been by for a couple months.  And I saw the most amazing thing.  In the middle of a street of carefully groomed grassy front lawns, there was a yard (which previously looked just like the rest of the street) in which all the grass has disappeared.  And in its place are rows and rows of raised beds, full of all kinds of fresh, flourishing new veggies and strawberries and herbs and other plants!  I have to admit I stopped and gaped!  It was so unexpected in this tidy (predictable…) middle-class neighborhood.  But then my hanging-wide-open mouth started to stretch into a wide grin, because seeing that amazing garden was so wonderful!  I have no idea how their neighbours feel about it, but I am impressed and inspired.  Way to go!

Back home, I sat down at my laptop and started again with my researching.  But I had opened the windows first to let in fresh air.  And, hey!  It is a good thing to have your windows open (if a bit distracting).  For example:

– you hear birds, helicopters, people walking by, children laughing, and all kinds of other happy and inspiring and curiosity-creating sounds, including…

– water!  Sounds of great rushing water flowing down my street.  So of course I had to jump up and run outside.  There were the public works folks clearing out the pipes by opening the fire hydrant wide.  I grabbed my old camera and snapped some shots – I’ll post one once I get the film developed.  If I can find a place that still develops film!  (Note to myself: I really must borrow my digital camera back from my kids).  I was just wishing it was a little warmer outside, since my inner child was longing to kick off my shoes and run and splash in the instant river!

Spring has sprung!  I love it!


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