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Penticton walkabout

September 11, 2009

Friday morning I got up early and went on a nice long walkabout. Two plus hours! First over to the beach, to the end of the marina, then back along the lakeshore, right to the SS Sicamous (walking – balancing! Working my mid-section muscles! – on the curb from The Peach end to the Sicamous end), through the Rose Garden, and then south along the east bank of the channel all the way to the Green Road intersection.

Crossed the highway there, then walked alongside the highway in the ditch, until I came to the big “meadow” just north of Industrial Avenue. Walking across it, I saw lots of birds (including grouse) – and a big buck with a nice big rack and a doe.The buck was jumping around, then lowering his rack and charging against some bushes, and shaking his rack against them, over and over. He was only maybe 20 feet from me, not aware I was there. When he finally spotted me, he stared and I stared back for quite a bit – and then he ambled off.


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  1. Aren’t we lucky. We still have a fair amount of the natural beauty that has drawn use to Penticton. Some nights I’ve even seen about 12 coyotes in town, but always lots of deer, racoons and some owls. Bob

    • So true, Bob. We are blessed with many green spaces tucked here and there throughout the city. The creeks that come down from the surrounding mountains provide corridors for wildlife to move through the city fairly safely, and of course the lakes and creeks also provide much needed water and riparian growth areas in our dry climate. Unfortunately in the past, humans have too often made unfortunate changes (like straightening and paving Penticton Creek; and cutting off the oxbows of the Okanagan River), but it is good to see that attempts are now being made to mitigate some of the damage, and to prevent future damage.

      It is to be hoped that Penticton’s residents can be patient with the creatures, who some see as an inconvenience! We, after all, are the ones who have moved into their territory.

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