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Penticton Pedestrian

January 7, 2010

I was just laying here somewhere between sleeping and wakefulness – though I’m pretty sure it started out as a dream – and thought of this:  What if I write up some samples of a newspaper column called (perhaps) “The Penticton Pedestrian.”  I could model it somewhat on my old “Masset Sounds” column (and even submit a couple samples of that to the newspaper publisher, as well).  It would be based on my observations as I “walkabout” town: people, places, activities, sights and sounds. Snapshots in words, that catch the soul of our community.

I could start by going back through my journals to pick up things like that which I have already written about our town. And then start writing down new ones.  Certainly I could come up with enough material for a weekly column.  I’m not sure of the exact “flavor” yet … but after writing a half dozen or so “potentials” I’m pretty sure I’d find a pattern.

Yesterday when I was walking along chatting with my friend, we were talking about the goodness of the sun for our bodies,and for our spirits. And this morning I read:  Ecclesiates 11:7 “The light is pleasant, and it is good for the eyes to see the sun!”

According to my thesaurus:
Pedestrian:  foot-traveler, one who walks, hiker…
Walk: step, pace, march, tread, amble, stroll, hike, saunter, wander, ambulate, ramble, for for an airing/outing, take a walk (go walk-about), promenade, trudge, tramp, trek, tour, take a turn, roam, rove, perambulate, meander, traipse, patrol, knockabout, hoof it, job, toddle along, shuffle, wend one’s way, bend ones steps, locomote, cruise.
Walker: pedestrian, hiker pilgrim, wanderer, wayfarer, trekker, rover, rambler, roamer, straggler, foot passenger, passerby, hitchhiker.

(You don’t even want to begin to read the list of word’s from the “P” section of the dictionary that relate to my potential Penticton pedestrian prattle!)



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