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June 26, 2010

Some guy in shorts and t-shirt who must have been on his lunch break, was standing outside the back door of a business.  He had his shoes and socks off, and was vigorously walking on the spot; meanwhile, he was also wringing out a soaked towel, apparently exercising his arms and cooling off his feet!  Oddly entertaining for passersby!

Met 3 of the street church guys in a back alley.  We walked along for a few blocks, chatting together.  They told me about how they are fixing a house for a lady whose son recently passed away.  She wants her house to be a good place for people to stay as they leave the street and clean up their lives.  Cool!

There were literally thousands of people out to the Farmers Market and the Artisans Market; the Classic Car Peach Cruise (about 800 cars and quite a lot of motorbikes as well!); and the annual Elvis Festival, with close to 30 Elvis impersonators!  All on a beautiful hot sunny day in the beautiful parks by the beach.

An RCMP officer in red serge (dress uniform) was opening the Beach Cruise entertainment (a Johnny Cash impersonator!) by singing the US national anthem and then the Canadian anthem.  People commenting that he did a better job of the US anthem.  Hmmmm…  People inside the fence at the park stood to attention, mostly (except those in the beer garden); people outside the fence happily ignored the whole thing.  Hmmm again.

Sailboats, speed boats, seadoos, kayaks, canoes on the lake.  Parasailing too.  Perfect day!

A guy came along while I was sitting in the shade on some rocks by the beach.  We started talking.  Turns out he grew up in the same town as I did, but because he went to a different school, we never met.  However, I had known the girl he married; she was one grade behind me in my high school.  Our short chat turned into 2 1/2 hours… computers, electronics, home school, house churches, miracles, Christian TV, satellites, sailing/ canoeing/ kayaking, places we’ve both been, Bill Gates and other famous people he has met…  Yo! It’s a small world!

Walking home it was hot (at least 30 C).  I ended up phoning hubby when I was about 3/4 of the way home and begging for a ride. 🙂


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