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March 24, 2010
Sitting out front at our little townhouse, in my comfy lawn chair with my feet up on my little kitchen stool, my “coffee stool” (rather than coffee table!) beside me, a cup of chai tea, a piece of my son’s black forest birthday cake – and my journal, creative writing notebook, planner, Bible, and a free local alternative newspaper I picked up yesterday.

Perfect!  Sun shining, floppy hat on my head, Pippi Longstocking braids hanging down over my shoulders, and a cozy white blanket on my lap.  Just had a nice little chat with an elderly neighbor who was walking past with her dog, on her way to the post office.  Tonight is the strata AGM, so I am hoping to meet more of my neighbors.

Oh!  I just had an idea. Okay! So I just popped back into the house to bring out another lawn chair – in case a neighbor comes by and wants to sit down and visit!


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