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March 14, 2010

It’s so cool at street church.  We’re sitting and standing around on lawn chairs, on steps, even sitting on the grass in warm weather, talking together about God, sharing our walks, praying with each other just naturally, eating and drinking coffee together, laughing, listening.   People walking by are always greeted and invited to have a coffee and snack; and they are chatted with (and the discussion takes a break to make them feel welcomed) and lots of them decide to have a coffee, and even sit down and listen in to, even join in, the conversation.

One couple came by this morning, and accepted coffee, but were apologizing for “interrupting.”  And someone just burst out cheerfully, “There is no interrupting around here!” And they said, “Really?  Okay! Can we sit down for a bit?”  And of course we told them to go ahead, chatted with them a bit, and carried on.  And that’s typical at street church!  That’s church!  That’s being in fellowship with God and His people – and reaching out, naturally, with friendship, relationship – to each other and to the world that’s passing by!

Hmmmm. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were little street churches outside church buildings all over town – and if churches all built old-fashioned “stoops” out front, lol!

Well, I just finished my French Vanilla, and rolled up the rim – and it says, “try again!”  LOL!  Well, chances to win are 1 in 9,and obviously I’m #8 after those 7 other people.  So I bet the person after me got that winning cup eh!


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