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April 10, 2010

Our friend, D, came by yesterday afternoon, and invited us (hubby and me) out for a nice spring drive along the Shingle Creek Road from Penticton to Summerland.  It’s the “back way,” over a occasionally used dirt road through Penticton Indian Reserve.  Beautiful country.  Fields of buttercups everywhere.  Huge scattered Ponderosa pines – with almost no sign at all of pine-beetle infestation, hurrah!

I got some great shots of an old log cabin, roof gone, and full of young trees growing inside and poking vigorously out the top and through the old window and door openings.  A great addition to my collection of photos of old cabins.

We saw a little cemetery way out in the middle of nowhere, when at one point we came to a fork in the road and had to “guess” which way to go.  We apparently made the wrong choice, because after a while the dirt road became a narrow rutted road, and eventually a set of parallel tracks fading out across a wide meadow.

But it was well worth the side-trip, because we got to see the little cemetery way out there.  On the map was marked a community in the general area, called “Shingle Creek,” but other than a couple scattered sets of ranch buildings a fair distance apart, we didn’t see any sign of a town site.  Still, the little graveyard bore witness to the fact that at some point, folks who had chosen to live in this area were indeed a community.

When we got back to town, we went for Chinese food at a restaurant called “King’s Garden.”  A new start for a restaurant that for a long time had been well regarded, but then went downhill (after the previous owner passed away, so I’ve been told), and eventually closed down for awhile.  But now, here it is open again, and seems to be living up to its former good reputation.  I was thinking that the new owners might be a little overly brave to maintain the old name, since it really had gone through a very rough spot – but considering the friendly service and good food, and the number of customers, perhaps it was a good decision after all!


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