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August 20, 2008

The weather is amazing today.  One moment the sun is shining down gloriously out of a pale summer-blue sky, and the heat builds up, urging me to peel off my sweater, and retreat into the coolness of the house, with all its windows closed and covered…  and yet, barely have I sat down, and there is a sudden deep rumble overhead, and the sky turns dark, the world turns dark, and the rains pour down, pounding out its drum-beat on the roof.  In moments the drains along the roof edges are full and overflowing, and as I open the door to look out, it sounds as though I am standing under a waterfall!  I turn back to pick up my sweater, as cold shivers run down my back, and just as I pull in back on, the drum-beats on the roof stop, not slowly, but instantly, and within a few minutes the waterfalls have ceased and the sun is pouring down again.  Off comes the sweater, again!

This is supposed to be the sunny, dry Okanagan.  Today it reminds me of Masset on Haida Gwaii!  I love weather, with lots of variety … and we sure are getting it the past couple days.


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