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January 11, 2009

Snowed some more late afternoon, early evening yesterday… but is already above freezing, so I expect the snow will continue to slowly melt away.  Yesterday, looking out the upstairs window over the surrounding area (before the fresh snow)… everything looked futuristic-post-nuke-apocolyptic…. dull gray skies, dirty grimy banks of half-frozen half-melted snow and slush bordering dusty barren cracked and pot-holed roadways, with filthy- and rusty-looking vehicles and equipment parked haphazardly amid the snowbanks; no movement of traffic or people, just a few dead brown leaves and scraps of paper and plastic skittering along, pushed by stray gusts of wind….

And then a bit of fresh snow came drifting down from the darkening evening sky, and the street lamps came on, together making the world look new and pure and beautiful again for a few moments…


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